Trieste NEXT 2020 25-27 September 2021

Since 2012, Trieste Next has been a “showcase” of innovation and applied research, where researchers and entrepreneurs present their experiences and tell how new solutions can born, thanks to the technological transfer of the most advanced research. Furthermore, Trieste Next is a great occasion for young students and PhD students to actively take part at the festival, being involved as volunteers. Trieste is the City of Science with 2 universities, 1 scientific park, more than 30 research institutes and a very high percentage of researchers (over 35 for every 1,000 employed against a European average of just under 6). Trieste Next is an “observatory” where applied research and new technologies find visibility, a “laboratory” of concrete ideas and practical solutions to increase the well-being of communities and the competitiveness of companies. The ninth edition of the Scientific Research Festival (FIGURE 1) took place in Trieste from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 September 2020 and was entitled “Science for the Planet. 100 proposals for the life to come “. More than 40000 people participated to the event.
In the festival contest, the research group of University of Trieste presented the project “Da scarto a risorsa: la bioeconomia circolare per le plastiche e la chimica” about circular economy and bio-based plastics (figure 1-3).