Revealing the role of Stabilizers in H2O2 for the Peroxyformic Acid Synthesis and Decomposition Kinetics

Tommaso Cogliano, Vincenzo Russo, Rosa Turco, Elio Santacesaria, Martino Di Serio, Tapio Salmi, Riccardo Tesser

Chemical Engineering Science (2022) 117488,



The kinetics of formation and decomposition of peroxyformic acid was studied. From experimental evidences taken from literature, we noticed the decomposition reaction depends on the source of the hydrogen peroxide used as a reactant, so we focused on the idea that stabilizing agents present in the hydrogen peroxide solutions affect the reaction rate, inhibiting the peracid decomposition. The nature of the stabilizing agents and the concentration used might in fact change from a supplier to another. A kinetic model was proposed, in which the decomposition model takes into account this effect and, as a first approximation, the stabilizing agent concentration is quantified indirectly through the initial concentration of hydrogen peroxide loaded in the reactive system. The present model aims to lay the foundations for a new approach to the study of the decomposition of peracids in reactive systems.