La Teoria di Tutte 18 October 2021

From Monday 18 October 2021 at 21.10 on laF (Sky 135) “LA TEORIA DI TUTTE” will be broadcast, a program on the stories of the great pioneers of the past, from Margherita Hack to Laura Bassi: Gabriella Greison, nuclear physics, writer, popularizer, theatrical performer and author of podcast, talks about women of science and interviews their “heirs” in the present.

The television program travels across Italy, from North to South, to tell and weave the stories of the pioneers of world science, working for prestigious national and international institutes: Angela Marinoni, Erminia Bressi, Lucia Gardossi, Claudia Gemme, Rosa Anna Corsaro, Lucia Votano, Sabina Airoldi, Maria Felicia De Laurentis, eight women , eight scientists, eight Italian excellences who are contributing with their work and their ideas to the construction of the future, to return through their stories a passionate tale, far from the stereotypes of a new, unpublished and woman science.

The format is also a journey to the places of Italian science and innovation, the cities where the protagonists live and a traveling story of Italy to be discovered through its “scientific beauties”: research centers of excellence recognized at international, universities, libraries, historic buildings but also places of everyday life and natural wonders to protect.

CONTRIBUTION On November 1st Prof. Lucia Gardossi, professor of organic chemistry at the University of Trieste, was interviewed. Prof. Lucia Gardossi was engaged in the development of renewable energy and in the circular economy using new sustainable materials for the Group of Italian National Coordination for Bioeconomy of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.