ICY15- International conference on yeast genetics and molecular biology. August 23-27, 2021

ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 is an important scientific meeting for yeast researchers, which focuses on basic as well as the application of yeasts in various fields. This meeting provides the opportunity for presenting the latest research progress in yeast metabolism, physiology, genetics, genomics, regulations, ecology, systematics, phylogeny, food and beverage applications, biofuel production and clinical applications.

At the conference Raffaella D. Di Lorenzo, the post-doc researcher working on cardigan project, presented a poster to open the discussion about the cultivation strategy exploited for lactic acid production by yeast from inulin as carbon source. Cardoon roots valorization by combined microbial biotransformation for lactic acid production. Raffaella D. Di Lorenzo, Immacolata Serra, Paola Branduardi.