EFB2021- Virtual conference. May 10-14 2021

EFB2021 is the scientific conference organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology. The aim of the conference was to introduce the new members to the EFB Divisions: Biocatalysis, Bioengineering & Bioprocessing, Biobased Materials, Environmental Biotechnology, Medical and Biopharmaceutical, Microbial Biotechnology, Plant, Agriculture and Food; which replaced the previous sections.

At the conference Raffaella D. Di Lorenzo, the post-doc researcher working on cardigan project, gave a flash poster presentation to introduce the cultivation strategy exploited for lactic acid production by yeast from inulin as carbon source. Cardoon roots valorization by combined microbial biotransformation for lactic acid production. Raffaella D. Di Lorenzo, Paola Branduardi.