DGMK-Event / DGMK. Chemical Recycling – Beyond Thermal Use of Plastic and other Waste. October 6-11 2021

The conference brings together experts from industry and academia. A unique feature of this conference over the years is the high participation from industry, representing roughly one third of the delegates. This makes this conference an ideal platform for networking. The Conference will address both scientific and technical issues such as chemical recycling, value-added products from plastic waste, logistics of plastics recycling, separation technologies, polyolefins functionalization, regulatory issues and many other topics.

At the conference Rosa Vitiello of NICL gave a communication on the use of inulin for the synthesis of surfactants: Synthesis of Surfactants from Renewable Raw Materials. R. Vitiello, R. Turco, R. Tesser, A. Iadonisi, M. Di Serio