Designer biology: From proteins and cells to scaffolds and materials- 8-10 September 2021

The Designer Biology meeting brings together young and established scientists working in the fields of bioengineering, synthetic biology and biomaterials. In a friendly, inclusive and lively atmosphere, the attendees discuss different applications ranging from the engineering of proteins to the engineering of functionalized materials. While the larger umbrella used in these fields is similar, the specific aspects are different and we think that targeting different disciplines together in one meeting will strongly benefit the bioengineering community at large and give rise to synergies and opportunities for new collaborations.

At the congress, Luca Gargiulo, a master degree student involved in Cardigan project, gave a poster presentation “A holistic zero waste biorefinery approach for cardoon biomass exploitation: bioplastics design” Zannini D, Corrado I, Santagata G, Turco R, Pezzella C, Gargiulo L.