Università degli Studi di Trieste awarded the “Innovation Youth” by Transitio2Bio and EuroBioNet

To support the World Bioproduct Day, the European project BIOVOICES  https://www.biovoices.eu/ conducted a campaign with the European Bioeconomy Network (EuBioNet) and in collaboration with the World BioEconomy Forum.

Transition2Bio and the EuBioNet awarded the most interesting submissions, following 5 specific categories. The project submitted by the Università degli Studi di Trieste was selected as the best proposal for the category “Innovative Youth“.
The valorisation of rice husk starting from the leaves of rice husk makes possible to obtain different forms of rice husk suitable for different applications.

Young researchers and PhD from Uni Trieste studied the processing of rice husk for the production of  renewable carriers for the covalent immobilization of lipases. With these immobilized biocatalysts they were able to obtain   biobased products within the frame of the Italian project CARDIGAN, funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, and European funded projects INTERfaces, PRIME and RenEcoPol. Furthermore, they used rice husk for the production of compostable and renewable ice cream spoons.
The project is illustrated by their short video available here: https://buff.ly/3RYRIHY